Ricardo Rail

Ricardo Rail is a global rail consultancy providing technical expertise, assurance and specialist engineering services to help its customers navigate the industry’s operational, commercial and regulatory demands.

With capabilities in all disciplines, from rolling stock, signaling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, decarbonization, safety management and operational planning, Ricardo Rail supports a client portfolio that ranges from some of the world’s largest rail administrations to niche component suppliers. 

The company works with governments, operators, infrastructure managers and manufacturers to ensure railways deliver the highest possible value to their customers and wider communities.

Whether you are looking to develop new regional transport plans, introduce low-emission technologies or improve the journey experience for your customers, Ricardo Rail bridges the divide between core engineering disciplines and the economic and environmental challenges of rail transport.

Part of the Ricardo group, the company can call upon in-house expertise covering all possible areas of transport, energy and the environment. So whether you need specialist input on advanced propulsion, batteries, hydrogen, clean air or hybrid technologies, Ricardo Rail has a team who has been working on it for years. Having a footprint in so many sectors gives the company a unique, technology-agnostic perspective, which its customers trust and use to hone their own competitive edge creating railways that are fit for the future.


Company details:

Ricardo Rail

Shoreham Technical Centre


West Sussex

BN43 5FG


Email: ricardorail@ricardo.com

Tel: +44 (0)1332 268700

Website: https://rail.ricardo.com/