About Us

Electric and Hybrid Rail Technology is an international publication that features brand-new, previously unseen, not discussed, and not dissected electric and hybrid rail-propulsion technologies. The publication addresses the need to not only substantially reduce rail emissions, but also improve NVH and save operators money.

Through a series of international, in-depth project case studies and white papers as well as interviews with key and influential industry figures, Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology features all possible CO2-reducing concepts, from battery-electric to hydrogen fuel cells. The magazine includes features on energy-storage solutions of all types, charging technologies, motors, APUs, wiring, and systems integration. 

The publication is for the world’s rail operators as well as influential figures within research centers and of course key suppliers/systems integrators who purchase electric and hybrid rail technologies. Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology brings together the industry, connecting them to discuss, and further, electric and hybrid rail development and deployment.

Topics covered include:

  • Batteries
  • Power electronics
  • Fuel cells and hydrogen
  • Systems integration
  • Case studies
  • Electric APUs
  • Wiring solutions
  • Packaging requirements
  • Energy-storage solutions
  • Concepts
  • Charging technologies and infrastructure
  • Interviews with key figures and influencers within the industry