Aismalibar experts in thermal management – the expansion of technology into every aspect of our lives requires proper thermal management of integrated electronic components to achieve higher performance and efficiency. These days, industry, as is the case with the automotive sector, is promoting electronic solutions while abandoning mechanical ones. At Aismalibar, we are experts in thermal solutions of electronic circuits. Our goal is to reduce the operating temperature of electronic components, thereby prolonging their useful life and optimizing their performance. Using our materials ensures the quality and reliability of products that incorporate them. Furthermore, our materials minimize the use of supplementary fans or heat sinks, thus reducing production costs. 

The products of a leading manufacturer such as Aismalibar are utilized in a variety of different areas and environments. Aismalibar manufactures its PCB laminates for the electronics sector and its markets: LED lighting, telecommunications, the automotive sector, renewable energies, home appliances, railway transport, aerospace research and energy storage and industrial management.

The objective of the company is to provide you with the best experience through the efficiency our products, always striving to fully guarantee our business response capacity. We are more than just a partner. We ensure a guarantee of reliability and service in electronics.

Company details:


P.I. Foinvasa, Bach, 2-B, 08110 Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, Spain


Tel: +34 93 572 41 61 / +34 93 572 41 65