Vossloh Rolling Stock to supply hybrid shunting locomotives to Port of Duisburg

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Locomotive manufacturer Vossloh Rolling Stock has signed an agreement with Duisburger Hafen, the owner of duisport rail at the Port of Duisburg in Germany, for the development and supply of emission-free shunting locomotives.

According to a statement by Vossloh, the agreement covers up to two hydrogen-powered Modula locomotives. With Vossloh’s Modula platform, customers can choose the hybrid power configuration that best suits their needs, whether that is batteries, diesel, or overhead electric power. The Modula platform also features built-in compatibility with upcoming drive options such as hydrogen.

Duisburger Hafen is currently building a new container terminal at the Port of Duisburg – Europe’s largest inland port – which will be operated in a climate-neutral manner. The Vossloh hydrogen-powered locomotives will replace diesel units currently in use by duisport rail at the port.

“We have high hopes for hydrogen as a future alternative to vehicles shunting outside the electrified rail network,” said Hans-Georg Christiansen, executive director, and head of rail operations at duisport rail. “These new Modula locomotives are ideally suited to this strategy because they can be perfectly calibrated to the respective shunting operations, and they contribute enormous synergy potential when combined with the battery-powered Modula EBB version, two of which are going into service at the Port of Duisburg in 2025.”

Germany’s Vossloh Rolling Stock was acquired by Chinese firm CRRC Corporation in 2020. CRRC is a Chinese state-owned and publicly traded rolling stock manufacturer, and the world’s largest rolling stock manufacturer in terms of revenue.

Work on the new hybrid Modula platform began shortly after CRRC’s acquisition of Vossloh, and at InnoTrans in 2022, the company unveiled different versions of the locomotive, including electric-battery, electric-diesel, and battery-diesel.

Vossloh has already sold hundreds of battery and diesel Modula locomotives to customers around the world including DB Cargo, leasing firm Northrail, and Rail Force One.