Unipart Rail teams up with FuelActive to deliver solution for greener rail travel

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Rail industry supplier Unipart Rail has formed a partnership with FuelActive to deliver a new solution to the rail sector, which promises to reduce fuel consumption and improve engine reliability, helping train operators to cut emissions and limit their impact on the environment.

FuelActive is a unique method of delivering 92% cleaner fuel to the engine by drawing fuel from just below the surface of the fuel tank, bulk storage unit or fuel cube. Standard diesel engines and storage units draw fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank where water, sediment, diesel bug and other contaminants settle.

The fuel pick-up system ensures that only clean fuel enters the fuel lines eliminating the costly effects of fuel contamination. Not only that, because the engine is burning only clean fuel, the thermal efficiency of the engine reduces fuel consumption whilst maintaining factory-level emissions standards through its life cycle.

According to FuelActive, its system can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 5% and engine reliability is improved, reducing the total cost of ownership, and extending the life expectancy of the engine. Blockages and damage to fuel pumps and injectors are also avoided, reducing failure-related downtime and maintenance costs.

The FuelActive solution complements Unipart Rail’s existing portfolio of solutions for the rail sector, designed to support customers in improving the performance of their operations.

The goal is to phase out diesel-only trains from UK railways by 2040, and whilst positive steps are being taken to support the phase-out, there remains a long way to go. However, operators can start making a real difference today, according to Unipart Rail, by reducing their Scope 1 emissions through the integration of the FuelActive technology into their operations.

Neil McNicholas, managing director of Unipart Rail said, “We are excited to be working in partnership with FuelActive as an exclusive supply and distribution partner within the UK, as well as for opportunities internationally. This partnership demonstrates the commitment that the two organizations have to reducing the environmental impacts of diesel engines, whilst improving performance and achieving cost savings for customers. 

“The work to design the interface in the fuel tank and installation of the product will be conducted jointly between the companies, further demonstrating the trust in each other and the shared vision to improve the performance of the whole rail industry,” he added.

Nick Massey, chief executive of FuelActive, concluded, “We are excited to partner with Unipart Rail to bring FuelActive's innovative fuel efficiency technology to the rail industry. Unipart Rail's commitment to salignability and excellence aligns perfectly with our own values, and we are confident that together we will help create a more sustainable future for rail travel while delivering significant cost savings to rail operators.”