Trainline and Craig David release song to encourage more people to travel by train

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International rail and coach technology platform Trainline has launched a new campaign alongside British singer-songwriter Craig David to encourage more people to travel by train, which is 7x less polluting than flying, the firm noted.

Craig David has partnered with Trainline to launch an official music video, highlighting the environmental benefits of rail travel. The song, Better Days, kicked off Trainline’s I Came By Train campaign, which aims to encourage people to take more journeys by train, irrespective of which train operator they travel with or where they buy their tickets from.

Trainline also launched a new website – – where travelers can make a pledge to swap one journey to rail. Trainline has committed to plant a tree for every pledge it receives. The website also enables travelers to calculate how much C02 they could save by switching their journey to rail.

Speaking to Rail UK, John Davies, vice president of industry relations for Trainline, said: “Our ambition with “I came by train” is to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of rail through a completely different approach to a traditional advertising campaign. Given a journey by train instead of driving creates 70% less CO2 on average, we’re encouraging people to be proud of swapping at least one journey to rail.

“We believe this campaign will help build awareness of rail’s environmental benefits, encourage more people to take the train no matter who they travel with or how they buy their tickets, and help the whole industry to grow,” he added.

Watch Craig David’s Better Days music video here: