Stadler to build more hydrogen trains for California

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The State of California and Stadler have signed an agreement for six additional hydrogen trains. These are contract options that the state is exercising under a contract signed in October 2023.

These additional vehicles will expand the fleet to ten hydrogen trains. With this contract award and the other successes in the US, Germany, Italy, Austria and Lithuania, Stadler once again confirms its leading position in alternative and ecological drive systems with batteries and hydrogen as over 150 trains with battery or hydrogen drives have been sold to date.

After announcing the order of four four-car hydrogen-powered rail vehicles for the state of California last fall, Stadler will now deliver six additional state-of-the-art hydrogen-powered trains to the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and Caltrans. The original contract includes an option to purchase up to 25 trains.

Martin Ritter, CEO Stadler US, says, "We are very proud to be providing additional hydrogen trains to the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and Caltrans. With our multiple units, we are jointly driving the decarbonization of rail transportation in the US. We thank CalSTA and Caltrans for their trust and look forward to deepening our partnership.”

Ansgar Brockmeyer, EVP of Marketing and Sales, Stadler: "Stadler is committed to making travel in North America more environmentally friendly and offering innovative solutions to the region's specific challenges. Given the limited electrification of rail lines in the U.S., the FLIRT H2 proves to be particularly significant. Hydrogen technology enables sustainable mobility as it is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional drives. Stadler is thus actively pursuing the goal of modernizing public transport in North America and making a contribution to environmental protection in the process.”