Stadler Rail’s EURO9000 achieves important approval milestone

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Stadler has announced that its EURO9000 locomotive, specifically designed for rail freight, has obtained its type approval and authorization for placing on the German and Austrian markets.

In the coming months, “the most powerful locomotive in Europe,” Stadler noted, will also be approved for operation in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

Stadler took a step forward in response to the challenges posed by rail freight transport by offering European operators a new generation of locomotives, the EURO9000.

The powerful multisystem EURO9000 locomotive enables operations on both AC and DC electrified lines. Its modular design facilitates the installation of up to three different propulsion systems (electric, diesel and/or batteries), also allowing operations on non-electrified lines.

It is capable of running at high speed on the main European corridors with mixed traffic and thanks to a power range of up to 9 MW and a tractive force of up to 500 kN, operation with just one locomotive will be possible in many situations that currently require two standard locomotives.

Intended to operate on international routes along the main European rail corridors, it complies with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability and accommodates several country packages, including conventional automatic train control systems, as well as ETCS.

Stadler reported last year that leasing company European Loc Pool (ELP) is its first customer to opt for the new EURO9000 model. ELP has ordered 30 EURO9000 electric locomotives from Stadler since May 2019. The vehicles are part of a framework agreement between Stadler and ELP for at least 100 locomotives and are leased by ELP to rail freight companies from various countries.