Stadler provides insight into the FLIRT H2 hydrogen train testing program

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Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler has released a video showcasing the testing program currently being undertaken for its new hydrogen-powered train, which is due to enter passenger service in the US at the start of 2024.

Stadler's hydrogen-powered FLIRT H2 multiple unit
Stadler's hydrogen-powered FLIRT H2 multiple unit

The FLIRT H2 train was first unveiled at InnoTrans last year, alongside the San Bernardino County Transit Authority (SBCTA), which will put the unit into service in California. SBCTA partnered with Stadler in November 2019 to design and build the first hydrogen-powered FLIRT.

The multiple unit is equipped with a modular power pack that is capable of powering a four-car train. The power pack accommodates the entire hydrogen technology, from the fuel cells and batteries to the hydrogen tanks. This means that hydrogen technology is spatially clearly separated from the passenger compartments of the train.

Following its unveiling at InnoTrans, Stadler is currently testing the FLIRT H2 on Swiss rails before it’s transported to the US in early summer 2023. It will be the first hydrogen train ever to go into service in the US.

Click here to watch the video to see the FLIRT H2 in action.