Siemens Mobility releases first pictures of Mireo Plus H manufacturing

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Siemens Mobility has released a behind the scenes look at the manufacture of its new hydrogen train, the Mireo Plus H. The train is currently being manufactured at Siemens’ Krefeld facility in Germany.

According to Siemens, carbody assembly has started on the hydrogen train, which is being developed as part of the H2 Goes Rail project with Deutsche Bahn (DB). The project will see the testing and development of a new hydrogen system consisting of a new train and filling station.

Siemens Mobility is developing the train and DB is developing an innovative hydrogen filling station that enables a hydrogen train to refuel within the same time period as a diesel train.

According to Siemens Mobility, Mireo Plus H trains will be able to achieve ranges of up to 600km as a two-part train, and from 800-1,000km as a three-part train, depending on the line profile and mode of operation.

Trial operation of the new train and refueling station will begin between Tübingen, Horb, and Pforzheim in Germany in 2024 and last for one year. Approximately 120,000km of scheduled rail service are planned. The route is particularly suitable based on the timetable intervals and topography. The Mireo Plus H from Siemens will replace a diesel railcar used on this route and save about 330 tons of CO2.

In the next issue of Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology, we speak exclusively to Deutsche Bahn about the new hydrogen refuelling project for the H2 goes Rail project.