Railpool orders 45 hybrid locomotives from Vossloh for German market

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European rail vehicle leasing firm Railpool and Vossloh Rolling Stock have signed a framework agreement for the delivery of 45 Modula hybrid locomotives for use in the German market, with an optional call-off for a further 142 units.

Delivery of the first Modula locomotives is expected to begin in mid-2026 and run until the end of 2027. The optional call-off locomotive orders will be filled by mid-2029. Both orders cover locomotives approved for use in Germany and the Netherlands.

Railpool currently has one of the most extensive rail-vehicle leasing fleets for European cross-border transport, comprising around 500 electric mainline locomotives. The company hopes that the new agreement with Vossloh will help it gain a foothold in the shunting locomotive market and achieve further growth in Germany.

As part of the agreement, Railpool has ordered the Modula platform in the 1000kW hybrid (dual engine plus battery – BDD) and the EDD-Modula rated at 2.5 MW (catenary plus 1000 kW diesel engine).

Torsten Lehnert, CEO of Railpool, said, “Around 60% of the locomotives in Europe are over 30 years old and at the end of their product life cycles. Shunting locomotives, in fact, are on average over 40 years old. By purchasing the Modula locomotives, we aim to offer our customers the attractive prospect of being able to switch easily to leasing new, sustainable, and energy-efficient vehicles and providing their operations personnel with a modern working environment while still enjoying the usual Railpool service quality.

“Both Modula versions can run on synthetic fuels and therefore meet the highest environmental standards. Their innovative vehicle designs allow the best possible use of the track infrastructure, and they’re also perfectly designed for both heavy shunting work and freight transport,” Lehnert added.