Rail Cargo Group: Rated "B" in environmental rating

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ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has once again received a "B" rating in the "Carbon Disclosure Project" (CDP) rating.


The CDP rating is globally considered the gold standard of environmental reporting and is used by investors, companies, political decision-makers, scientists and the media to inform themselves about climate-relevant data and strategies of companies.

RCG CEO Clemens Först says: "This year's result places us at a good level once again. It proves that we are making our contribution to a livable Europe in the spirit of the Paris Climate Agreement and that we are living up to our vision of being the sustainable logistical backbone of the European economy.”

As the sustainable logistical backbone of the European economy, RCG once again reported for the rating in 2023 and submitted all climate-relevant figures to CDP. Although the requirements have increased and completely new topics such as biodiversity or the EU taxonomy have been added, as well as numerous detailed questions in existing categories, the result could be maintained at a good level. In addition, RCG achieved a significant improvement in the areas of “Energy” (A-) and “Value Chain Engagement” (B-).

RCG above the global average

More than 7,600 companies across Europe submit their environmental data to the Carbon Disclosure Project, and around 23,300 worldwide. With this year's "B" rating, RCG is in line with the industry average of the CDP rating. Looking at all sectors, the RCG achieves a result above the global C-average. In addition to companies, municipalities, cities, regions and states also participate in the rating.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is a non-profit organisation that evaluates companies, cities, regions, and countries for environmental transparency and actions in its ratings. The aim is for companies and municipalities to publish their environmental data – such as climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. By means of questionnaires, which must be completed on a voluntary basis, the CDP collects data and information that are crucial for the assessment.