Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology joins LinkedIn

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Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology has set up its own LinkedIn page to share all the latest news, developments and insight related to decarbonizing the rail sector.

The LinkedIn page will also keep followers and readers up to date on must-attend events and share exclusive interviews from the latest issue of Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology magazine.

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Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology is an international publication that features brand-new electric and hybrid rail-propulsion technologies. The publication addresses the need to not only substantially reduce rail emissions, but also improve NVH and save operators money.

Through a series of international, in-depth project case studies and white papers, as well as interviews with key and influential industry figures, Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology features all possible CO2-reducing concepts, from battery-electric to hydrogen fuel cells. The magazine includes features on energy-storage solutions of all types, charging technologies, motors, APUs, wiring, and systems integration.

The January 2022 issue of Electric & Hybrid Rail Technology magazine will feature an exclusive interview with Andrew Barr, group CEO of Hitachi; a look at the US's plans to decarbonize its rail network; insight into the latest battery developments; and a feature on how some domestic air travel routes are being replaced by rail to reduce emissions, plus much more.

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