Czech railway test center VUZ reduces emissions by 30%

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Czech-based railway test and certification center VUZ has announced that in 2021 it reduced its overall carbon footprint by 28.97% when compared to the base year of 2019.

The calculation was made in accordance with the GHG Protocol international standard and documented in the VUZ Carbon Footprint Report.

The overall carbon footprint of VUZ amounted to 3,589.95 tons of CO2e, which means a drop of almost 30% compared to the year of the first measurement. The considerable progress was achieved mainly thanks to the purchase of certified green electricity from renewable resources, both for company operations and for the implementation of tests carried out for company clients.

Carbon footprint measurement is a part of VUZ’s long-term environmental strategy covering a wide range of measures. The company is at the same time a holder of the 2021 CDP Certificate. CDP is an independent organization that assists leading companies in monitoring and disclosing data on their environmental impact. Within this global reporting system, VUZ is a pioneer in Central and Eastern Europe, and one of 12% of enterprises that reached a comparable level in the relevant segment.

“This remarkable success motivates VUZ to keep improving in all areas of our activities and develop in an environmentally friendly way,” said Martin Bělčík, chairman of the board and general director, VUZ.

VUZ provides professional services and complex solutions in the field of assessment, certification and testing of rolling stock, railway systems and railway transport.