Cummins Rail expands clean power product offering with new locomotive module

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Cummins has revealed that it is expanding its offering to the rail market segment with the addition of the clean and reliable QST30 Tier 4 locomotive power module.

Cummins’ QST30 locomotive power module will feature an engine, alternator, selective catalyst reduction (SCR) emissions system and radiator package with other engine related components, all on one standard skid. With ratings from 1,000 horsepower to 1,500 horsepower, the QST30 is ideally sized to repower switcher locomotives.

“Cummins is excited to offer the QST30 Tier 4 power module for locomotive repowers,” said Regina Barringer, global general manager, rail, and defense. “Our customers will benefit from performance and emissions improvements with this drop-in solution. Cummins’ QST30 power module makes it easy for customers to modernize their rail assets to get the most value out of their equipment.”

According to Cummins, its locomotive power modules are the ideal way to update a locomotive to clean, reliable diesel power. The success of a railroad depends on maximizing the useful life of capital-intense equipment like locomotives. Cummins is a recognized expert in repowering older units with modern engine technology and installation support necessary to complete projects on-time with minimum downtime.

The QST30 locomotive power module was designed as a straightforward upgrade to a modern, clean diesel engine. The locomotive power module will use proven SCR technology to achieve Tier 4 emissions. Cummins’ SCR technology helps reduce NOx emissions and improves fuel economy, while being virtually maintenance-free.

Cummins Rail customers prefer the company’s SCR system because unlike exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), SCR produces much less waste heat, which reduces cooling system loads and horsepower loss. It is currently used in a range of applications to reduce site emissions for switch yards, ports, and industrial sites.

Customers can expect the QST30 locomotive power module to be available in Q1 of 2022.