CN and Norfolk Southern launch new domestic intermodal service to encourage modal shift

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Canadian National Railway Company and Norfolk Southern have announced a new domestic intermodal service, connecting Canada, Kansas City, and Atlanta, with the aim of converting more truck traffic to more sustainable long-haul rail.

Launching on October 2, the service will provide customers with an integrated, market-competitive, and efficient all-rail service. The service will link CN-served Canadian markets with Norfolk Southern-served Kansas City and Atlanta, the heart of the fast-growing manufacturing and consumer base in the Southeastern US.  

The two carriers will utilize new intermodal steel wheel interchanges in Detroit and Chicago to seamlessly operate like a single-line intermodal product.

The new, cost-effective, steel-wheel-connected service option for customers converts truck traffic to long-haul rail. This would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and customers’ overall carbon footprint. Integrated rail interchanges also provide customers with the opportunity to optimize their cargo loaded weights.

"This new CN-Norfolk Southern Domestic Intermodal service combines premier intermodal choices for our shared customers,” said Norfolk Southern president and CEO Alan H Shaw. “Designed with customer-centricity top of mind, it simplifies their processes, enabling smoother rail shipments between Canada, Kansas City, and Atlanta.”

“CN is pleased to provide customers enhanced market access with the launch of another new Intermodal product,” added CN’s president and CEO, Tracy Robinson. “The reliable, cost-effective, and truck-competitive service will help our customers shift more business onto rail.”